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History Behind Sketchley Cleaners

Sketchley Cleaners has been serving the people of Kitchener and Waterloo since 1981. In the beginning, our original plant was located on Highland Road in Kitchener. In 1995, the business was sold to Dan Yantzi, a professional accountant who has owned the business ever since. Mr. Yantzi lived in the area since 1979 and was quite active in the local fastball scene until the late 1990s. He is also quite active in the community.


In 1997, the plant operation moved to 60 Bathurst Drive in Waterloo, where it still remains along with the company’s head office. The 3,000–square-foot facility houses the most up-to-date processing equipment. We are constantly re-investing in new cleaning processes.


Mr. Yantzi also owns four store drop-off locations in Kitchener and Waterloo, having purchased his first franchised location in 1992. Out of the 7 locations, 4 are owned by Mr. Yantzi, and the remaining 3 are franchised. We are proud to announce that we have opened two more branches of Sketchley Cleaners in Cambridge!

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