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Environment-friendly Dry Cleaning Equipment and Solvents

Sketchley Cleaners recently installed a newly designed dry cleaning machine called the Ipura system. This machine is not only very efficient at cleaning but creates no environmental waste. The solvent used with this system is DF2000 which is odourless and is 100% chemical-free. The entire system does not leave any chemical smell on your clothes. The Ipura system is the only non-immersion dry cleaning system in the world, which ensures a gentle clean for your garments.


We use a combination of dry and wet cleaning on your clothes and make sure your delicate fabrics are not harmed. You will never have to deal with any unwanted chemicals. In fact, DF2000 can give your clothes a very soft, new-like feel.


Stop by your local Sketchley Cleaners in Kitchener, Cambridge, or Waterloo today to see for yourself the kind of environment-friendly procedures we follow.

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