Dry Cleaning Services, Clothing Alterations, Shirt Pressing & More

Sketchley Cleaners offers an array of dry and wet cleaning services for your garments. Whether you just need a quick clean for your cotton shirts or require an extensive cleaning and preservation for your wedding gown, our team has you covered. Check out our signature services below:

Penguin 1

The Penguin 1 is your straightforward cleaning service mostly for cotton, polyester, and some wool garments and jeans. This is a one day service.

Penguin 2

The Penguin 2 is a cleaning service for garments that are a little softer in texture such as rayon, linen, viscose, blended fabrics, and most wool sweaters. This is a two day service.

Penguin 3

Think of the Penguin 3 as taking your clothes to the spa for the day. This service is for your best clothes – silks, beaded garments, expensive outfits, brand names like Hugo Boss, and more. All of your special clothes are cleaned in our gentlest cycle and hand pressed by our finest pressers. Your clothes get the extra special treatment. This is a three day service.

Shirt Service – Penguin 1

Sketchley Cleaners has recently purchased the latest technology in shirt finishing equipment. With this technology and the best prices in Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo, you get a combo that cannot be beat. In addition, your shirts can be starched or folded.

Shirt Services – Penguin 3

This is a step up from our Shirt Services – Penguin 1. You will not get a better shirt cleaning for your money. First, we start by hand scrubbing all your collars and cuffs, and then after the shirt is pressed on our state-of-the-art equipment, we go over the entire shirt for any minor touch ups. We can also press creases in the sleeves if needed. This process gives you the perfect shirt for only $1.00 more than our regular shirt price.

Other Services

Sketchley Cleaners also offers a variety of other services that include:

  • Wedding dress cleaning and preservation
  • Suede and leather cleaning
  • Household items, duvets, curtains, and table cloths
  • Repairs and alterations

These services offer a little longer lead times, contact our stores for details. Be sure to check out our specials to see what deals we’re offering this month.

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